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December 2021

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Friday. 12.16.05 8:06 am
It's my last day of school before christmas break and i'm so happy. No more school for like 3 weeks. And what else is great is i'm a senior and yeah, i'm almost half way done with my senior year, wow, everything has gone so fast. It's crazy how life can just pass you by, it seems like just yesterday i was going to be going into the high school. I mean i was a nervous reck. I mean i thought i would never have any friends, and never get a boy friend, and i was just be so sad the whole time i was in h.s. I did have some sad times, but over all, i'm had a great time is h.s. I met so many new people, and life just seems so much better. So for anyone out there that feels alone or like you can never get through life, you can, i've had my low times in my life, but over all, every thing will be ok. You if anyone ever needs help, or someone to talk to, email me at iluvyou9000@yahoo.com, i will be there for you. Wow, now i can't wait till college, and to see who i will end up with, and who i will be. Wow my life is going by fast. I've been told that the years in h.s. and after just flies by, and one day you wake up, and your now 80 years old, so live your life to the fulliest, because it goes go by so fast, and you will one day wonder did you make the right choice. And if you love the ones your with, then in someway you've made the world a better, more lovely place. So never regret anything you do, it makes the person you will someday before, and hopefully you will someday feel like a beautiful flower that someday will bloom and show the rest of the world how great you relaly are.

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Thursday. 11.3.05 7:51 am
mood: mad as hell I was told i did'nt do a good post. So here baby, here's my great post. I wanna say hi to all the people that support me, and the one's who email, cuz they really care, lol. If you can't remember my email baby, it's iluvyou9000@yahoo.com, give me a message soon. So i wanna ask a question, how's your day going, i hope many respond to this. I miss ya all, and for all you boogers out there, leave me alone, i don't love ya, lol, Kiss to all, Emily P.S.-Mike, if you read this, i hope you die, your such a jerk off to me. here's a quote that came from his mouth"call me tomarrow, and i'll tell ya if i can go" and i called you, 6 times, but no, you never answer your phone all weekend, so i hope you die you butt monkey. and sorry for not using dirty words, i want to make sure this gets posted, so i had to keep it toned down.

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Tuesday. 11.1.05 8:38 am
I hav'nt made a journal in a while, so i thought i'd put one up. Hi to all my peeps, and hey, maybe someday i can be most popular, hahaha, yeah right. talk to ya all soon, kisses, Emily

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Wednesday. 9.21.05 7:44 am
I'm so in love right now. I feel so happy. Also like half the guys in my school want to screw me, which might not sound great to most, but i love the attention from them. I love feeling like everyone wants me, and wants to talk to me. I just wish my bf was more proud then jelous, because he doesn't understand that i don't want the guys, i want him. And the only reason i talk about other guys is because i like feed off the attention, and i just feel so great when so many just want to get with me. But i do hope some my bf will see, i want others to be envious of him, that's all, and get the attention that it comes with. I want to be one of those like hot mama's when i get older. Like how so many other men would just like me be in my husbands shoes, just for one day. That's what i want, but he can;'t see that, he can't see how much i want him to be that guy, that everyone wishes could be in his shoes. And for that, i have to give a shout out to my very loving bf Brendon, I love ya sweety, even though he won't read this, it will always be here, and some day he'll know.

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Thursday. 9.8.05 7:51 am
I'm having such a bad week. I have a quest today, and i've been either sick, or have bad allergy's, either way i feel like shit. I also want to kill a few people/teacher's because i'm so mad and frusterated. Grrr, i can't even spell any more

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Friday. 8.26.05 7:50 am
I'm at school, and i'm so bored, lol. I'm in comp class, and of course there's nothing to do, it's a web page design class. Also we watch this stupid news things for teens at school, channel one, lol, it's so retarded. Today it's talking about im, it's stupid. I wish i did'nt have to go to school, who ever hates school, raise your hand.

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Thursday. 8.25.05 7:56 am
Yesterday i started school, and it was pretty cool. I have like friends in like all my classes except like one. So this year better be cool. Also there's this girl that likes my bf, and she keeps calling me a name, she's a freshman, and she's so damn immature. I just hope she keeps her mouth shut, before i punch her, well g2g, luv everyone

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new sweet song
Saturday. 8.13.05 9:57 am
Axel F by razy frog is such a sweet song to dance to, nice beat, and something i can have fun with

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